What Our Happy Customers Say

Dehydrated, Irritated Skin treatments Treatment for Dehydrated skin

“My skin transformed from dehydrated, irritable skin to hydrated brighter skin in just three treatments. Thank you Tegan!”

— Z.KThe Pure Facial

“Since starting my new skincare journey with Tegan my milia, congestion and blackheads have cleared up and my skin is looking brighter. Thank you”

— J.SThe Pure Facial
Blackhead Removal, Pores Reduced Blackhead Removal, Reduce Pore Size

“I have always struggled with my pores, but since having skin peels they have significantly reduced in size and my blackheads are clearing.”

— K.NThe Pure Facial

“Highly recommend Tegan she is so friendly and professional. I have seen a huge difference in my pigmentation in such a short space of time. I'm so pleased.”

— S.EMesotherapy

“I have suffered from dark marks on my skin for a long time, since seeing Tegan it has significantly reduced and I feel less conscious.”

— S.BMesotherapy

“I had worked outside for 15 years and my skin has suffered. After 3 treatments of mesotherapy my skin is brighter, with less wrinkles and a lot healthier.”

— N.KMesotherapy

“I am really looking forward to my next facial. Thank you Tegan for all your help and educating me on how to look after my skin! Highly recommend To Skin”

— I.BHydrating Facial

“My Pores have reduced in size and my skin feels more hydrated.”

— Z.KCavitation

“My eyes are brighter and I look and feel younger.”

— V.SBeautifeye

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